Gay Weddings in Italy


We can organize your ceremony in many beautiful locations..inside an ancient palace or somewhere outdoor in  a panoramic spot. Castles, old palaces, roof gardens overlooking the city centre, terrace on the sea, boat, beaches, countryside and list goes on..

Unfortunately in Italy gay weddings are not legal but many gay couples decide to get married in our country with a blessing, a symbolic ceremony which doesn’t have legal value but is much more important than a signature at the Town Hall in their country, whether possible, or somewhere else. Also in many countries where gay weddings are legal the ceremony has to take place indoors but if you decide  to have your blessing abroad in Italy, you’ll have the chance to have a ceremony in a romantic setting having a ceremony in the way you always dreamed of,

Wedding Italy I do organizes gay weddings in Italy in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio where the beautiful Rome is.


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