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Think of Italy and you think of great food, great wine and inspirational design. 
Whatever Italians do, they do it with style, passion and finesse and their cousine is not an exception. The reception is the most demanding aspect in the organization of your wedding.

This is especially true in Italy where the exquisiteness of the food and wine, and the care that we take in its preparation and presentation, makes a wedding celebration a unique event.

Sometimes it seems to be hard to decide the menu for you and your guest as with so many specialities you don’t know from where you have to start specially if we can recommend you more then one Italian caterer.

Italy is renowned for the quality, for the freshness and specially for the variety of his food.It is very important in selecting your wedding meal that you get to taste it first. It is vital that you know exactly what you are getting before the big day. 

Even if you don’t have the chance to come and visit us a few months before your wedding you will loose the opportunity to partecipate at a “wedding menu tasting” which is an unique opportunity.. as you will taste something like 6 different kind of pastas that you can select, 4 main courses, wines, desserts…. In case you will miss this opportunity and cannot be in Italy before few days before the wedding you will have to trust in our suggestions and make a choice from home and just order your wedding meal!

A traditional Italian wedding reception usually starts with a buffet appetizers our famous “aperitivi” and prosecco/champagne just after the ceremony followed by a multi-courses served meal.

Traditionally everything start with tasty appetizers rich of regional flavours such as the country corner (delicious little bruschettas with different kind of creamy sauces, ham, cheese..) the fried corner with fish, fresh vegetables just done in front of you..followed by a reception served at the table with 3 or 4 courses which normally consist in a small entrée , 2 kind of pasta followed by a fresh fish or a tender meat with a side.

A dessert buffet lightes by candles together with a magnificent cake could be the perfect ending of a delicious dinner and at the same time the beginning of an after dinner wedding party.



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