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Some times nothing better then your heart can carry the memory of certain moments.. Unfortunately it happens that we also forget details with less relevance but still important..

The wedding album and the video are the witnesses of the beginning of your new life together. Something you will be enjoying for the rest of your life, something one day you will be proud to show perhaps to your children..

These memories can be transformed into something really special, a masterpiece, by engaging professionals who know how to create great portraits and stories and can guarantee results of the highest quality.



When it comes to taking pictures or video at your wedding, is "It's your day”. 

We know that photography or video is not the most important thing going on and our team of photographers and videographers will try not to hog your time when what you really want to do is hug your mother or laugh with your friends. We also know that certain pictures or video coverage are important for you.

A high quality photography service helps to make this amazing day a permanent and ever clear memory over the course of time.

Our italian photographers are top professionals, very experienced and able to capture spontaneous moments to make a wedding truly unforgettable. We work with creative and talented Italian photographers that can provide the style of photography you desire from the photo-journalistic approach to a more classic portrait photography.

Upon requests our photographers can make a selection of the best pictures and organize them in a album but as you own the pictures you will also receive all of them on a DVD so that you can choose to reprint as many as you want.


Keep your wedding alive forever! A professional cameraman will produce a magic symphony of images, music and memories. Elegantly filmed with discretion and unobtrusive presence without interfering with your event. Your wedding video will be digitally edited with style and accuracy created on DVD including editing and music. Delivery to your home address is always included in the service. The video gives to your memories something more, it gives you the memory of the day in a difference prospective, it reminds you details you forget and shows you things you didn’t even note during your wedding.

Special moments

Wedding preparations (bride’s hair and makeup)

Pre-ceremony (arriving at church or town hall, father and bride, walking the aisle)

The wedding ceremony

Post ceremony (exiting town hall or church, throwing rice or confetti)

Posing and group shots

Unique or scenic location with bride and groom

The appetizer

Different shots of guests (table to table)


Cut of the cake


Photography and videography normally stops after the cake but still take a few shots of the beginning of the party after dinner.

 “WED SITE” your wedding website.

Wedding Italy I do wants to introduce you to the last trend: a website dedicated to the bride and the groom and to the day of the wedding.

Before the wedding, a usefull guide for your guests attending a wedding abroad.

After the wedding on line album, a reportage of the day of the wedding with all the pictures and the video.

Wedding Italy I do can offer you also other “multimedia services” for your wedding. If you would like to know more about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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