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How do you want to arrive for the most important occasion of your life?

It is wise to remember that the car that you use for your wedding is similar to the suit you will wear for the ceremony. It is the way in which you will prepare for and begin the journey in your new life together. Therefore, the choice of a vehicle that is the most suited for your ceremony has a certain importance..

Your choice of the vehicle will depend on the style and theme of your wedding. If it's a thoroughly modern affair, maybe you can all travel together in a stretch limousine and maybe the groom would like to arrive in a Ferrari!

The important thing is to book early, especially if your wedding is on a Saturday.

We can offer a selection 
of specialist wedding transport firms offering a wide variety from which to choose prestigious cars such as Rolls-Royces, Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Classic and Vintage cars. Maybe your dream is to arrive at the ceremony place, or, leave the reception, in a romantic horse drawn carriage, a boat, a hot air balloon or a vespa!.. Hiring a vespa for a wedding in Italy becomes very popular but it is more for the pictures than for the trip from the ceremony to the reception..

Formal transport is usually arranged for the bride's mother with the bridesmaids and for the Bride and her father. The Bride’s car is usually used to transport the newly weds to the reception after the ceremony.

We double check everything the week before so if your dream is to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage but the venue is a long way from your home, we can organize a wedding car company to meet with the carriage for the final part of your journey. This will work in reverse when the bride and groom leave the church or the Town Hall.


If the wedding and the reception are at the same venue the bride and groom could take a drive after the wedding to make the most of their first time alone together as man and wife. 
Or, they could take a longer route to the reception venue if it's close by.

Then we have to make sure all the guests don’t get lost on the way from their accommodation to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception. It may be a good idea to hire a bus.

If taxis are not available because the wedding is in the middle of the countryside we highly recommend to book a transport service for your guests after the wedding reception so that they don’t have to drive. In big cities it is easy to catch a taxi but in the country side it is important to book a transport service in advance.


Arrangements are usually in this order:


The best man drives the groom to the ceremony place or they can go on the bus with the other guests


The bridesmaids and bride's mother travel to the church in a car together or can go on the bus with the other guests.


The bride arrives with her father.


After the ceremony

The bride and the groom leave first


The bride's parents leave next

They are followed by the rest of the bridal party and guests


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