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Wedding Italy I Do - Cakes & Cake ToppersA forthcoming wedding and preparations, invitations, wedding gown for fitting, flower bouquet to order, but how many of you think what could be placed on top of the wedding cake?


Amanda was thinking about this one day a few years ago, so she called her dear friend who was about to get married and she asked her this question. She answered that she was not going to put anything on top of the wedding cake because disliked the tiny standard wedding puppets that usually go over the cakes finding them squalid and plastic-like. After that phone call Amanda started thinking what idea she could have for a cake topper that she would have liked. She thought of something very original and at the same time funny, something that could recall the details of the gown, the hairdo and that could be simply amusing for the expression of the face because the moment when the wedding couple slice the cake they are happy so she had to think of something with all these characteristics.


She thought of cake toppers but she had to find the right material to make them and at the beginning she thought of using crete, plasticine but she wasn’t very convinced but then she thought of synthetic clay! Using this material the caketoppers can last for a very long time. Once done she put them into  the oven sitting in front of it until her friends in miniature came out!


Today Amanda makes beautiful creations. She is specialized in cake toppers, cakes and table plans. For more information please check Amanda’s website:


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