Wedding Italy I Do - location                                                                                     Wedding Italy I Do - location



After more than 10 years of experiences I found out why people from all around the world decide to get married in Italy..

The thousand years history that Italy represents with all his ancient cities and monuments.

The beautiful range of landscapes.. the countryside, the lakes, the Mediterranean sea with his scenic coasts and islands, the Alps.

The Mediterranean climate.

The warmth with Italians welcome foreigners who come to visit their country.

The quality of the food and the wine.

Getting married in Italy means a vacation for the couple, their family and friends who will be sharing an experience in Italy not just a wedding day.

Getting married abroad means all you have to do is to send emails with your wishes thaqt your wedding planner will fulfill for you.





Wedding Italy I Do - Rome & SurroundingsWedding Italy I Do - Rome & Surroundings

 No one can visit Rome and not be touched by her timeless beauty. The eternal city has been there for more than 3.000 years..






Wedding Italy I Do - Tuscany & UmbriaWedding Italy I Do - Tuscany & Umbria

 A wedding in Tuscany or in Umbria is a chance to immerse your self in the typical italian countryside..




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