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From where do I start?

This is one of the most common question that brides ask me..

The very first step is the research of somebody in Italy who  can take care of your wedding taking all your ideas and desires put them together to design your special day.

So once you have your wedding planner that you can trust miles and miles away from home you start planning your wedding.

After this, he first step is the location. Choosing and booking the venue and the place where to hold the ceremony whether it is a religious or a civil, believe it or not is half of the planning.. we can propose you a wide range of locations in the centre of Italy and reduce your stress since the very beginning. We alsways recommend to come to Italy first and visit 2 o 3 different location selected between the range of proposals we can make.

Very, very important is also the food. One of the main reason of people getting married in Italy is our food..

Once you have selected a wedding planner, a location and a catering.. the rest of the planning is just fun . Choosing the menu, if you have the chance to come before to do the tasting, choosing the flowers, music, photographer… it is something you will enjoy.





Wedding Italyt I Do - Catering Wedding Italyt I Do - Catering

 Think of Italy and you think of great food, great wine and inspirational design. 
Whatever Italians do, they do it with style, passion and finesse and their cousine is not an exception...




Wedding Italyt I Do - MusicWedding Italyt I Do - Music

  A Special care should be given to the music. A correct choice of music helps to bring together the various moments of your wedding in perfect harmony...





 Wedding Italyt I Do - Flowers & ArrangementsWedding Italyt I Do - Flowers & Arrangements

 Since the beginning of time, love letters have been accompanied by splendid bouquets of flowers to express sentiments and feelings...






 Wedding Italyt I Do - Photo & VideoWedding Italyt I Do - Photo & Video

 Some times nothing better then your heart can carry the memory of certain moments..






Wedding Italyt I Do - FavoursWedding Italyt I Do - Favours

 Bomboniere are favors for Weddings, Baby Showers, Baptisms, holy Communion or Anniversaries...






Wedding Italyt I Do - TransportWedding Italyt I Do - Transport

  How do you want to arrive for the most important occasion of your life? 








Wedding Italyt I Do - Beauty Services.pngWedding Italyt I Do - Beauty Services

 On the most special day in a girl’s life, she absolutely must look her most beautiful and glamorous. Not a single hair can be out of place...








Wedding Italy I Do - Cakes & Cake ToppersWedding Italy I Do - Cakes & Cake Toppers

A forthcoming wedding,preparations, invitations,flowers..but how many of you think what could be placed on top of the wedding cake?..

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