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Mimi and Michael from USA September 2003 (Umbria)

It was truly an incredible experience from start to finish and one that far surpassed our expectations. Julie's help was invaluable; she hand-picked the suppliers from flowers to music, helped with guest arrangements, acted as a translator, and in the end even stepped in to perform our ceremony! While our relationship started as a coordinator-client, we parted with a deep friendship. Il Borgia made for an amazing destination. Its central location afforded everyone a variety of fantastic day trips throughout Umbria and Tuscany. And the friendly staff welcomed everyone home with delicious meals served with incredible sunset views. When we arrived home from the honeymoon, many of the wedding guests had written to express their gratitude for inviting them to share in this unique Italian experience. In fact, there are already demands for a five year anniversary and reunion! To top it off, the entire week only cost what a typical country club would have charged us for half a day in the US making it one of the best decisions we made.

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