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The Mediterranean touch that our seasons have is well known all around the world. The sunny sky under which Italians live most time of the year is envied by many countries.

Our heterogeneous landscape offers also very different options.. In March or in April, end of the winter, in one day you can sky in Dolomites and swim in the Mediterranean sea at the same time. Italy is a very long country, and goes from coastal down south to the Italian Alps up north, so the weather is also variable in winter depending on location.

Unfortunately the greenhouse effect that our planet is suffering changed our seasons and made them sometimes unpredictable as in all the rest of the world.

Most of the people we work with told us that one of the main reason of getting married in Italy is the weather. We absolutely understand.

Every season offer different option. Summer is normally the favourite season of our couples, so as spring and autumn.

Don’t think that winter is less fascinating specially if you think of the white landscapes in the snow and the romantic atmosphere that a fireplace can offer.




March (variable-to-bad weather, wet, uncrowded)




April (variable weather, uncrowded)



May (usually great weather, not crowded)




June (best weather, not too crowded early June, but can be hot)




July (great weather, biggest crowds, lots of light, can be hot)



August (biggest crowds,can be very very hot)




September (usually good weather, not crowded)




October (variable weather, uncrowded)



November/December (variable weather, wetter, colder, darkness comes quickly in the afternoon)




January/February (variable weather, coldest months, darkness comes quickly in the afternoon)


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