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Just want to get married with no stress? Don’t want to go through a year of wedding planning? Don’t want to spend lot of money?

If you like the idea of a sudden and secrete marriage, carpe diem and let’s do it! Elope to Italy!

You can marry whenever, however you like.


A wedding in Italy will offer beautiful venues, stunning views where you can celebrate your wedding.. For many couples, eloping to Italy is a wonderful idea! You can elope to Italy and have a romantic getaway at the last minute in one of the most charming country in the world!


Rome as wonderful spots with stunning view of the city and the Tuscan countryside offer beautiful rural landscapes.



One of our couple say..

My boyfriend and I had dated for 5 years before getting engaged. We planned on marrying here in Hawaii where we live but the stresses of the wedding overtook us. After two days of contemplation, we decided to pack our bags and run away to Italy and elope! Everything fell into place, we got my dress, our rings, his clothes, accessories, etc all in one days notice. We were fortunate enough to continue our luck when we got to Florence and found Wedding Italy I do. Not the only wedding planner who got back to us quickly but their English was excellent, and they were able to plan our dream wedding in two days! Our stressful Hawaii wedding went to no-stress Italian wedding. The girls were amazing! They picked us up, drove us to our unbelievably beautiful wedding spot, took us for a champagne toast, and basically gave us the most wonderful memorable day we could ever wish for. They were so pleasant to be around. My husband and I never imagined to have such a beautiful, romantic wedding on such a short notice and done in two days planning. They were wonderful in every way a bride would want their wedding planners. Our friends and family rave about how fantastic the photos are.




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