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Julie Palombaro has an extensive background in hospitality, public relation and wedding planning. Having seen many places around the world she is convinced that there is no place like Italy to get married.. She started Wedding Italy I do because of the growing demand of foreigners getting married in Italy looking for someone qualified they can trust and count on for the organization of their wedding in Italy.


Julie Palombaro started to organize weddings at the Borgia Castle (, property of her family in 2001 when someone asked her "Can I get married at your Castle?" She thought, why not? The only problem was that the future bride was living on the other side of the world... from then on it was quite clear that living thousand and thousand kilometers away from the wedding location of your dreams wouldn’t have been a problem at all... She started with the weddings for fun then after she graduated at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Business Communication, she started to dedicate herself only in this activity. She spent her life living between the serene atmosphere of the Trasimeno lake at the border of Tuscany and Umbria and the city life of Rome. Today Julie is an accomplished wedding planner well-known in the international panorama. She also started to teach how to become a wedding planner at the Accademy of the  European Association of Professional Wedding Planners. She avails her self of the cooperation of her assistants, but never missed the day of the wedding.

Julie says:

"A wedding planner must be very patient and calm, always having everything under control. A little bit of psychology is required to understand what the people really want..Of course, he or she must be a good negotiator. We are the mouthpiece for the bride and groom when it comes to ordering flowers, hiring a band, a photographer, finding a caterer, etc. A wedding planner must be able to get them the best service for a reasonable price. Our reputation depends on it. Networking is also important. Establishing good connections will help ensure that we get good deals. That's not all. A wedding planner must also be very well organized. She or he must be creative and should have a good knowledge of colours, music, and flowers. A good knowledge of religions is also imperative, since a wedding ceremony is often a religious one. Related to this, is a knowledge of customs and traditions, which are also part of many wedding ceremonies. It is important also to keep up with the latest trends".

People say:

"Julie went above and beyond, helping us and our family and friends with travel plans and accommodations before and after the wedding..even some Italian language lessons too! Every detail exceeded our expectations. She truly is the best wedding planner and a wonderful person; it shows in the great care she took to ensure that every detail of our wedding and stay were perfect";

"Every element of the wedding from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to dinner exceeded all of our expectations. We have had so many people tell us that our wedding was a wedding of a lifetime and will be an event most will never forget. You assembled a dream team of professionals to cater to our every need";

"Thank you Julie for making our wedding a perfect one";

"We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism";

" Being in different countries and speaking different languages could have made organazing a wedding difficult, but Julie made it so easy for us and never tired of answering our endless questions";

"Julie's help was invaluable; she hand-picked the suppliers from flowers to music, helped with guest arrangements, acted as a translator, and in the end even stepped in to perform our ceremony!";

" Julie made the process really very stress free as we knew we could rely on her to get what we wanted sorted for the day";

"Thank you Julie for making our day the most special experience, your dedication and taste is second to none and you should be very proud of your castle and wedding service";

"Working with Julie during the whole year leading up to the wedding was a wonderful experience. She responded to any questions we had and was always ready to suggest improvements to our ideas. Julie’s dedication went to the extent that we were even able to call her while she was in holiday..."  








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