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The civil ceremony has to take place in a room “sala comunale” which is a room that belongs to the Town Hall of the city or town where you decide to get married.

The room can be inside the Town Hall or in one of the historic building which belongs to the Town Hall. Normally most of the Town Halls are historic building theirself and have beautiful rooms with frescoes and old painting inside.

Unfortunately in Italy it is not possible to celebrate the civil ceremony outside in a garden which is something that many couple ask for as they like the idea of celebrating the ceremony in the same place of the wedding reception. Some Town Halls  give the possibility to celebrate the ceremony in the garden or in the terrace of the building that belongs to the Town Hall.

Most of the Town Halls ask for a fee for the rental of the room that can vary depending on the city where the ceremony will take place. Normally it is possible to hire a nice room starting from euro 200.

The ceremony will be in Italian, but will be translated also in English or any other language you might require. It is normally 20-30 minutes.

In most of the town hall it is possible to exchange vows and the the rings, have somebody taking a reading and have some music for the beginning and the end so that the ceremony has a personal touch despite to how the civil ceremonies normally look like.

Unlike some other countries, in Italy you would be able to have your ceremony in a catholic church having a civil value too. This is a special type of marriage, called "matrimonio concordatario" which is a religious celebration according to the canon law that, after the transcription into the register acquires civil effects. This is because of the agreement between the Vatican and the Italian Government.

The paperwork will vary depending on the nationality of the bride and groom.


A relevant list of all the necessary documents will be provided together with information on all the steps you’ll have to follow and the appropriate authorities you’ll have to contact in order to get married in Italy. Wedding Italy I do will be happy to assist you through this delicate part of the process.


Some samples:



British Nationals getting married in Italy

English Certificate of Non Impediment

Italian Nulla Osta in Italy issued by the British Consulate in Italy



US Citizens getting married in Italy

Atto Notorio from an Italian Consul in the United States.

Nulla Osta which is a sworn done by the US citizen at US Consulate in Italy stating that there is no legal impediment to his/her marriage under Italian Law and US Law.



Australian Citizens getting married in Italy

Atto Notorio from an Italian Consul in Australia

Nulla Osta at the Australian Embassy in Italy



Irish Citizens getting married in Italy

Certificate of freedom to get married at the Office of Foreign Affair

Nulla Osta at the Irish Embassy in Italy




Assisting foregneirs couples with all the paperworks required to get married in Italy is something we are specialized in. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if it is the only service you might require.


We cooperate with many Town Halls in the centre of Italy, in particular Rome, Palombara Sabina, Perugia, Cortona, Firenze, Castiglione del Lago..if there is a city or a town whithin centre of Italy where you would like to get married, please contact us, as beeing in Italy we can get information for you more easily. 


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