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The religious ceremony in Italy normally is a Roman Catholic rite in the church. There are also other churches in mayor cities where other type of rites can take place such as such as Baptist, Anglican, Protestant, Ortodox …

Unlike some other countries, in Italy you would be able to have your ceremony in a catholic church having a civil value too. This is a special type of marriage, called "matrimonio concordatario" which is a religious celebration according to the canon law that, after the transcription into the register acquires civil effects. This is because of the agreement between the Vatican and the Italian Government.

A catholic ceremony with civil value requires to go through the paperwork’s required for civil ceremonies and for catholic ceremony.

You can decide to have just the catholic ceremony in Italy and do the civil ceremony back home or if you are already married civilly you can do just the catholic ceremony in Italy.

A formal letter from your parish priest stating that you have attended the pre-marriage course is required together with the Nulla Osta which will be issued by your Diocesis. All certificates of baptism, first communion and confirmation are also required.

If you have been married before and your previous marriage was not officially annulled by the Sacra Rota, you cannot marry in the Catholic Church.

The catholic ceremony can take place only in a sacred church or somewhere wehre there is a sacred stone previous authorization of the local bishop.

We have many beautiful churches in Italy which have been build suring the centuries. From the small churches or  chapels to the mansion cathedrals whether inside the city or in the countryside, in Italy there is wide selection of churches. For those want to get married in the weekend it is always higly recommended to book at list a year before. 


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