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As symbolic wedding ceremony is a blessing or a symbolic ceremony with no legal value. Usually the couples who choose this type of ceremony have had a civil ceremony in their country before coming to Italy. The couple having a symbolic ceremony or a blessing in Italy doesn’t have to go through all the paperwork’s required for civil or religious ceremonies in Italy.

The symbolic ceremony can take place anywhere. In a public area if you don’t have many guests or in the garden or terrace of the venue where you are holding the reception. Some villas have private chapels on site but this is just for roman catholic ceremonies.

Having the ceremony in the same place of the reception is a good solution if you don’t want your guests to get lost in the centre of the city looking for  the Town Hall or Church unless you are hiring a bus to bring them there.

Also if you decide to get married at the last minute and don’t have time for the paperwork’s, getting married in Italy with a symbolic ceremony would be the best solution. 


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